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 NEWCHRIS beaded flowers

 Delicate hand beaded flowers for floral

 bouquets, wedding favours, gift decorations,

 cake toppers, and more.



My name is Christine McCann and I founded NEWCHRIS beaded flowers from my interest in French beaded flowers.  These flowers, unlike other artificial flowers, are individually unique and beautiful.  They are not botanically correct, but then again there is no perfect flower in nature.  I was amazed how beautiful these flowers were and now I want to introduce you to this world of beaded flowers.  Each flower is hand made by me.

Beaded flowers are made from small beads strung onto wire which is then twisted and shaped into petals.  For centuries beads have been used in jewellery and in ornamental decorations.  It is not clear when or why the art of beaded flowers was first developed.

The interest in beaded flowers came and went according to fashion over the years.  A major revival in the interest in beaded flowers occurred during the Victorian era when beaded flowers were used in "immortelles" which were wreaths and other funeral art created to commemorate the dead.  Another revival is occurring in the United States of America and countries outside of Europe where beaded flowers are used for decorative purposes.

There are several techniques used in making beaded flowers.  Two popular techniques are the French method and the Victorian method.  The beaded flowers made by NEWCHRIS beaded flowers are made using the French method. 

Beaded flowers are traditionally made using seed beads.  Seed beads can be faceted or smooth, have irregular or regular shapes.  The beads used in NEWCHRIS beaded flowers are irregular seed beads, usually 11/0 or 10/0 size.  I prefer using these beads because each petal is unique, thereby making each flower distinctive.  No two flowers are alike.

My beaded flowers have a beaded stem. I sell beaded flowers as individual flowers. The corresponding beaded leaves are extra and do not have a beaded stem.  The flowers may be used in bouquets, floral arrangements, jewellery, gift decorations, wedding favours, Christmas decorations, hair accessories and many more.

My kits also use irregular seed beads, usually 11/0 or 10/0 size.  My kits include beads, wire, stem wire, floral tape and other specified components. All you need is patience, wire cutters, pliers and may be a bead spinner.  Patterns may be purchased, please contact me.

My beaded flowers have been influenced by the designs of Virginia Nathanson, Carol Benner Doelp, Donna DeAngelis Dickt and Minako Shimonagase.

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